Locate By Sammy Sas

Abuja based internationa Afro Gospel musician, Sammy Sas releases his highly anticipated single titled “LOCATE”. Locate, is inspired by Proverbs… Read more Locate By Sammy Sas

Cover Me By Rae Rae

With a full year of dynamic releases emphasizing range, vocal prowess and lyrical depth, the newest release by HFP Music’s very own – Rae Rae, is indeed a breathtaking and incredibly beautiful anthem to round up the year! As shown in the track-record of the singer-songwriter, the end goal of every musical release is to share more of God’s heart and nature. This release does just that and more. ‘Cover Me’ is a timely re- minder of God’s promises, wrapped in lyrics, melodies and rhythms that will make you ponder, reflect on and rest in God’s love, faithfulness and covering. According to Rae Rae, “For me, I know I can go through any and everything, I have noth- ing to… Read more Cover Me By Rae Rae