website was set up by Ruth Allen December 2018.

This brand new website is designed for promoting Christian/Gospel Music from all around the world.

It is to bring awareness to mental health, and partners with


Im a 33 year old Christian women of God. I have three amazing children that are a true blessing to me. I live in Birmingham, West Midlands U.K

My story starts back after my first marriage ended, as music really helped me get through some really tough times, and even though I loved music before, I did not see the effects it can have on someones life until i was faced with hurt and upset and music sometimes was easier to listen to then pull my bible out.

When I married to my second husband I helped him with a website that reviews all different types of Christian music, i added lots to the website and connected and contacted lots of Christian artists and labels.

I become so passionate about what I was doing as because of illnesses I was unable to work, but this gave me a purpose and felt like i was helping.

I also wrote a few articles for the website that has since been removed off the website due to the breakdown of that marriage.

I started to find myself and started to see what I like and enjoy but most importantly what I was giving back to God and my work for him.

Two year ago, since the breakdown of that of my second marriage and God has guided me and now i write for a brand new website called, I write regarding mental health, my experiences, thoughts and feelings around the topic of mental health.

I also set up A Facebook page of things that I find inspirational, encouraging and extraordinary in the lines of my faith, music and mental health.

I feel the time has come to expand into a website to carry on promoting and sharing God’s love with the world.

I work with Shoggy Tosh who is a music artist, Publisher, Presenter (and lots of other media). also DJ Jhyde from Salt FM U.K.

I am also a GX team member (Gospel Xplosion) and hope to feature lots of events and work from them. stay tuned….


If you have a new single, album or an event you like me to feature, please send me bio of your music, photo/artwork of the music and links of how to purchase.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I want to be grow more in my walk with God, from aspects of my life that I am passionate about, to help and encouraging artists and others. I choose to seek God in everything I do and let us thank God for everything he is doing. we live for our almighty God.

God Bless You All