70×7 Music is all about using culturally relevant artists to impact the nation through their music and testimonies. Whilst aiming to equip, provide and support artists in the music scene with knowledge and guidance on how they can grow and be more visible in the scene.

70×7 Music work’s with artists who have the heart to minister even if means going past their own needs, this is the heart of Christ. 

Each of the artists on the 70×7 roster have been selected because they truly have a passion for reaching people and have the tenacity to do so no matter where it takes them. 

70×7 does music ministry events partnered with local organisations, so if you’re a church or ministry and would like to partner with us on a ministry in your area then please get in touch – info@70x7music.com

The HopeJamz radio show started in 2016 and is hosted by DJ 70×7.

It has been going from strength to strength with the Lord’s hand upon it, each episode it showcases artists from all over the globe and plays their new & exclusive tunes, with artist testimonies, interviews and live acapella sessions.

The HopeJamz radio show is aired every week on different stations around the globe. 

Each episode is also added to the HopeJamz Mixcloud page.

There is also the 70×7 Music channel which showcases any genre of artist as long they represent Jesus through their music and in their lives.

Through artist introductions, testimonies, updates, music videos and more!

To listen online now here is the link…