Mountains Move By Steve Bell

Steve Bell is an internationally recognised communicator, speaker, writer and consultant. He has forty years experience in cross-cultural issues in over 120 countries. Steve’s passion is to facilitate effective interaction between Christians and Muslims.

Society is made up of various cultural groups trying to live together. We aim for social cohesion, but how do we do this as society becomes increasingly complex, aided and abetted by political correctness?

Steve Bell peels back the complex layers of our multi-cultural society to reveal the inner workings of our national life. Using the metaphor of a mountain range, he identifies the major obstacles to meaningful and mutually respectful interaction between Christians and Muslims and encourages intelligent Christian engagement with western culture.

It seems mountains can move, but only when grace and truth are involved in all spheres of society, as fair-minded people of all faiths and none, learn to model the necessary attitude and actions.

Mountains Move was released July 2021

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