My Surrender By Caleb Lockwood

Caleb Lockwood, is new Christian artist from the UK who is trying to forge a different kind of music journey. Based upon releasing music based fully off of God’s timing and not his own as an artist. Through doing this he has had an overwhelming sense of freedom and peace from his own restrictions and expectations. 

This song is called “Let Nature Happen” as it is about relinquishing control and giving it up to God. He created the world, so let’s leave Him in command of it, by following His instruction with all we do in the day to day. This theme is also continued throughout the whole EP, hence the name ‘My Surrender’.

In the chorus it says “He already achieved what we all crave” which is probably my favourite lyric in the song. And it means we don’t need to be constantly seeking success as He has already succeeded in providing us with a direct link to Him and to eternity through Jesus. This song was so fun to make and I am really happy with how it ended up, I hope and pray whoever hears this song can hear the message of Jesus through the words and melodies.

My Surrender was released March 26th 2021

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