Found My Joy By Jonty Lees

Born and bred in London, England, Jonty Lees is a worship pastor at Christchurch Fulham. Pursuing a life of worship and music has to lead him around the world, as well as into various bands. Completing a degree in music management in 2016, Jonty was all ready to work in the secular industry when God called him back into worship and the church. Since becoming a worship pastor, Jonty has written and recorded songs that both declare for a breakout of God in the nation as well as delve into the depth of the relationship we get to have with God when we pursue him.

“Authenticity. That’s really it for me. My music and worship is a pursuit of God and the authentic realities of who he is whilst being real and facing real problems. I am fascinated by the dichotomies of our relationship with God, He is high and exalted as well as close and intimate, we can be in our darkest moment, yet full of perfect joy. In my debut EP, I explore these difference and where we fit in it all while turning my questions, wrestle and pursuit into vertically-focused worship.

A lot of the inspiration in writing ‘Found My Joy’ was from my time working in townships in Cape Town, South Africa. Finding myself surrounded by tragedy, I started to question and wrestle with how we can have perfect and endless Joy, yet face the realities of pain. This song focuses on that pursuit of Joy and the gifts of the spirit, how we can choose them, declare them and experience it even in the darkest nights.”

Found My Joy was released 21st May 2021

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