Being Mum

As you may be aware I am a Mother to four children, some may think that being a mum is a easy job and others like me see it as a full time Job with highs and lows and by all means not a easy job.

When I had my first child 17 years ago I was busy being her mother but I wanted to be more than just mum, I wanted to do more for God, yet I felt my child was taking all my time and I felt so helpless.

I was enjoying every day with my baby but I found it hard to find the time to read my bible let alone getting out there and do work for God.

Then after sharing this with a friend and told her my concerns about not doing enough for God, and she reminded me that being a Mother is doing Work for God. I was quite for a moment and then after thinking about it, I could see it. I am raising my child to follow him as he wants.

Being a mother is not a easy job, there is always something going on from wiping tears to trying to fix something, yet we work so hard to bring them up to knowing God is with them to give them comfort and an understanding, even though we are still learning everyday what God is saying to us ourselves.

So if your a mother do not put extra pressure on yourselves, God understands and your doing the most wonderful Job in the world, bringing up our children to know him, so when they have children they will do the same to theirs.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6