Forgiven By Luke Wareham and Rachel Mason

 Luke is a worship leader and songwriter based in the south west of the UK – who loves leading worship, drawing people to Jesus and seeing people changed through worshipping him. Luke has led worship at various Christian conferences and events around the UK including New Wine, Davids Tent and Burn 24/7. Luke did a year with Worship Central after University. Luke released his debut EP ‘Whisper’ with his friend Rachel  in March 2020 the song ‘Whisper’ came no.11 in the UK Christian Charts and the EP came no.1 in the Louder Than the Music 2020 award. Luke was also winner of the international radio awards and was nominated for the 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for his song Shadows. Luke released two lockdown singles that were released late in 2020 ‘I will not fear’ and ‘Glimpse’. Luke’s prayer is that the songs he writes would speak into people’s everyday life situations. His Brand new single ‘Refuge’ is a song for the broken hearted, based on Psalm 34:18 and inspired by a journey of grief in Luke’s own life and his fiancées. Luke’s prayer is that the song will bring hope to all who listen to the track especially those who find themselves in a time of struggle.

Forgiven is the latest song to be released by Luke Wareham and Rachel Mason, two worship leaders and songwriters based in the South West of England. The song is written with their friend Damon Brown, has been produced by brothers Tim and Jon Stephenson and is to be released on the 7th of May 2021. Luke and Rachel released their first EP ‘Whisper’ in March last year that was voted no.1 in the Louder Than The Music 2020 awards with the song Whisper making it to number 11 in the UK Christian Music Charts. Their prayer is that ‘Forgiven’ would help remind people of the hope and power of the cross whilst speaking into their everyday life situations.

Forgiven is based on a simple, yet miraculous, Biblical concept. The concept of every sin we’ve ever committed, every transgression, every miserable failure, fault and frailty – being washed clean by Jesus’ act of forgiveness on the cross.

Co-writer Damon who came to Luke and Rachel with the concept for the song says ‘As I sat in my church in Carmel, Indiana one weekend and heard our pastor call anybody to invite Jesus Christ into their life as Lord and Saviour, I considered the simplicity of what WE have to do (accept Christ and humbly ask forgiveness) against the backdrop of how massive and miraculous is the gift HE gives in return. He gives us eternal salvation and a forever home in the presence of God. And so the song ‘Forgiven’ was born out of this realization. If forgiven is all that we’re given, then we still get an eternity in Heaven. It’s a pretty immense reality, for any sinner… like me’.

Forgiven was released 7th May 2021

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