Interview With White Stone Receivers

1, For those who don’t know you can you tell us, who you are, where your from and what you do?

Thanks Ruthie! My name is Scott McKeown (that’s Mick-yown phonetically!), I live just outside a town in the middle of Northern Ireland called Magherafelt. I work in the healthcare sector, which helps support the musical endeavours!!

2, you call yourself White Stone Receivers, where does this name come from/ the story behind your name?

The name came about as I was in the studio and thinking about how the music would be released, I didn’t want the project named after me, so I started looking for passages in the bible where God named things! Thankfully I found this scripture pretty quickly (thank the Lord for scripture search engines!!).

White Stone Receivers or WSR is based upon the last book in the bible (Revelation) chapter 2 and verse 17. In this verse we read that overcomers in Jesus Christ will each be given a white (signifying purity) stone engraved with their new God-given name.

I love the imagery around the verse, in a culture which is driven by a desire for ‘personalisation’ (just google ‘personalised’ and you’ll see 679 Million options!), we see in this verse God’s personal, relational nature, His love for and care of individual believers as well as encouraging followers of Jesus to remain faithful to the end.

3, how long have you been in the music industry?

WSR started in November 2020 so 6 months.

I have been singing and writing music within CCM for ~20years though! The first band I wrote in/sang/played guitar was called ‘Interior Motive’ and we released an album called ‘Anew’, from this David Benson and Trevor Brimage and I went on to form [crave]: (Johnny Burnside later joined!), which is still going (!)- crave have released 1 EP and three full albums – you can see details @! We have a couple of new crave tunes which we hope to release later this year.

4, how many singles/albums do you have to your name?

WSR has just recently released the debut EP entitled ‘Songs for the wilderness’ –  

2 singles have been released from the EP – ‘forsaken’ (March21) and ‘thank You Jesus (You’re the treasure)’ (April21). Lyric videos here:

Forsaken YouTube link:  

Thank You Jesus YouTube link: 

5, how did you cope over Lockdown (Covid19) this past year as a Christian Artist?

Great question!

WSR recordings were borne out of lockdown, I had not released music since 2010 (crave: ‘The Frontline’)! Despite the challenges of restrictions, I had heard clearly from God (His word, good Christian friends and through prayer) that the songs on the EP needed to (a) be recorded and (b) be released. The timing from a human perspective could not have been worse! I could not meet with the other musicians to practice (we had one outdoor practice prior to hitting the studio!) and time and space in the studio was limited…all the earthly signs were reading ‘Nope’!! however we know His timing is perfect (Eccles 3:1) and I trusted that. Hence the EP s called ‘songs for the wilderness’ – I trust and pray the songs encourage people tp lift their eyes and voices to thank God, worship Him and know peace at this time.

6, what one challenge you found/overcome in the Christian music industry?

Well, I have been out of Christian music ‘circles’ for 10 years now, so I am connecting and reconnecting and releasing music in a very different landscape to that of 2010!! God is good however and has enabled me in a short period of time to get alongside some great people who are about His Kingdom work across a variety of media!! Like yourself Ruth!!

7, What one thing are you looking forward to when all lockdown restricts have ended?

God willing, I would like to catch up with the great friends/musicians who played on the EP, of course, playing the ‘white stone receivers’ tunes together for the first time since recording the songs will be great!

8, Is there a fellow Christian artist you would love to work with on a single? If so who and why?

I have only recently gotten into ‘Brightline’, however I love their fresh sounds and catchy melodies and words, I think that would be an interesting combo!

9, for those who love to know more about you or your music, how can they connect with you?

Well, WSR music is across all the usual streaming platforms (apple music, Spotify, deezer, amazon music). For up to date news etc. there’s the website and of course facebook, Instagram and youtube, all under @whitestonereceivers !

10, I love to finish with, can you tell us a unique thing about yourself that people do not know? This could be something you like or dislike.

Like: Coleman’s English mustard – lots of it on roast beef!

Dislike: not a fan of red sauce at all (any variety/brand).

Thank You Scott for your time. thank you for blessing us with your music.