Give Us By Paul Payne837 & Dmstry (Ft. Chrispin Mbewe)

Paul Payne837 & Dmstry continue the ‘TBA’ marathon with ‘Give Us’ featuring rapper Chrispin Mbewe. The song is all about optimism on the gent’s pursuit of stability in life, saying no to sitting down & waiting for a miracle when God has blessed them with innovative ideas & gifts to make ends meet. They boast about their creator being a God of abundance, trusting that he’ll give them their rewards when they put in the work as they trust him to do his part in blessing their hustle.

Give Us is a fusion of Dancehall & EDM complemented by an opening verse & catchy hook from Chrispin Mbewe. Paul Payne837 took the second verse, adding more heat from where Chrispin Mbewe left it from & passed it to Dmstry who took the last verse.

Give Us was released April 2021

You can download your copy here…

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