TTC2 Undisputed By JayKnight & JDun

JayKnight & JDun are Christian Rap Artists stationed in Baton Rouge with true hearts and desire to
be a light in this dark world. They use their music to deliver and comfort people with the message of
Jesus Christ!

Baton Rouge, LA – One thing is true as you follow an artist over the span of their career, there
are always signs of when they discover who they are. They become comfortable with putting
that on display in their music. With ‘TTC2 Undisputed’, it’s safe to say that JayKnight and JDun
both have found their sound and are not ashamed to express themselves in their art.
‘TTC2 Undisputed’ is truly the new standard for both Rapture Ready Productions artists moving
The beat selection shows that JayKnight & JDun are not afraid to stretch themselves with their
flows while still staying true to their own style and identity from track to track. From “We Up” to
the last track on the EP “Go Off”, every song seamlessly flows into the next telling the story. The
rap duo dubbed “Tag Team Champions” bring their own flair to the CHH genre.
JayKnight described the EPs creation process, “The chemistry displayed between us
has always been like none other and, on this project, it has been taken to another level.
It is much more personal.”
JDun added, “The bond between me and JayKnight is deeper than just the music, we
are brothers. The music is more impactful each time we collab.”

TTC2 Undisputed was released 16th April 2021

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