Satan Weh Yuh a Guh By Germine Sealy (Ft. Steve Watkins)

This song was written a couple years ago. Germine Sealy from Trinidad and Tobago sent me the rhythm and I sat with Diceson who was my co worker at the time and pen this song. This is intended for the devil to who and what I stand for. This example is to let others know that when the devil approach find out the reason and in that way you can know how to deal with him or what to deal with. So, I ask the devil, “satan weh yuh a guh”, which is a rhetorical question because I know that he comes to kill, steal and destroy, then I let him know who run things by telling him, “a father God a guide mi everyday, a wah yuh”? I want everyone who hears this song to know a way how to put the devil aside and lift up Jesus. 

Satan Weh Yah a Guh was released April 2021

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