Jesus Rock On Which I Stand By Rob Westall

Welsh Christian recording artist Rob Westall’s new single ‘Jesus rock on which I stand,’ was written during a particularly dark day for the songwriter at the height of the pandemic.

The uplifting nature of the high tempo, guitar-driven, hope-filled anthem is all the more surprising considering it was written whilst the worship leader was at a particularly low-ebb mentally.

Rob Westall says:

“I used to suffer very badly from depression when I was younger.

“During lockdown, with the kids at home and no space or room to think, it all got too much one day.

“It was like a black cloud around my head, getting tighter and tighter and I felt paralysed emotionally and unable to cope.

“I turned to prayer and talked to God about it and asked Him to help, I read the Bible and turned to the Psalms in particular. As I often do in such circumstances, I also picked up my guitar.

“I wasn’t trying to write a song, but one came. Usually when I fell down and find myself with a guitar, I tend to naturally reflect my mood with minor chords.

“Yet I found myself defiantly declaring the truth I had read in the Psalms to a fast tempo and not a reflective style of melody, despite feeling the worst I had felt for years.

“The song was finished very quickly, and it wasn’t until a friend called me shortly afterward and asked how I was that I realised that the dark cloud around my head had lifted.”

Jesus Rock on Which I Stand is the latest song to emerge from the sing-songwriter’s new worship album out later this year and part of the 1,000 voices project which invites as many people as possible to sing on the recording.

Rob hopes sharing his experience and song will help people who find themselves in a similar situation.

“The mental strains of lockdown are all too real,” he added, “and as we keep hearing on the news, the times we live in certainly are unprecedented. So, I’m not saying it’s always this simple for people experiencing similar things.

“But looking back on reflection, in my situation, I truly believe God took me to that place for a reason and I hope it helps people in similar position.

“I ended up sharing the song that night on my streaming show – Social Distancing Live during lockdown. I received so many messages afterward saying how that song had helped that I knew early on that we had to record it and include it on the album.

“I hope it helps and leads people to the ultimate hope and firm foundation – Jesus – the rock on which I stand.”

Jesus rock on which I Stand was released Thursday 11th March 2021

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