You Think You Know Me By Jspeaks the Poet

The original title of the album was going to be Introspection. However, some months later, a long time friend of his saw the music video to “Long Way”. Then she shared that video with all of their mutual acquaintances. Upon them seeing the story, in the video, of how his life used to be and how he used to drink, party, and live a careless lifestyle, they were shocked. She shared, with him, their reaction to his story and told him that they had no idea that he had that type of lifestyle in his background. He received the Lord into his life in 2003 and he met his long-time friend Kenitra Jeffries in 2004. So, she and their mutual friends have only known him to be the new man that he is today. When he heard that they reacted the way they did, it led him to believe that so many others in his life think they know him, but really have no idea. Many of the songs on the album are testimonies of what God has done in his life, how far HE has brought him, and what HE has protected and delivered him from. “YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME?”  is a rhetorical question because once you press play, you’re about to find out who he was and who he is now!!!  

You Think You Know Me was released March 26th 2021

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