Prayers To The Sky Special Needs By Jerome Cunningham

Jerome Cunningham is self taught drummer and Bass player. 

He grew up listening to Soul and R&B , By the time he was in high School he was listening to mainly Funk and Rock 

He spent 4 yrs in the Airforce 2 yrs in Germany and 2 in Georgia. He did his first studio recording while in Georgia. Once he finished his 4 yrs in the Airforce he came back to Chicago area and played in many bands as he also began to write songs.

His lyrics have always had a spiritual story and relections of his life’s journey. By the mid 80s to 90s he wrote songs that landed his band on Star Search and put them next to the Smashing Pumpkins to come out of Chicago. The band was called Colour Huemanity. Later he got a phone call in 96 to come and play bass in the band Church Of Rhythm. They wanted a live funky bass player to bring their new recorded album “Not Perfect ” and take it on the road. He was so honored and it was a 1yr non stop ride with my brothers. 

He was the only member married with 2 girls at the time so he had moments of missing them as he also coached his girls in sports. So it was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. 

He also was learning more about his spiritual and music journey as they both travel the same path. At the end of Church of Rhythm he was in studio goofing around on his bass and he did a crazy bass line that Max Hsu added to the Superchick hit song “One Girl Revolution ” It was pretty cool him hearing the song go all over the world and in the movie Legally Blonde. But the coolest thing was he was back home with his family and survived the road.

In 2000 he began to write for his solo project called Jam160d.  he received a Songwriter Achievement Award for Billboard Magazine for the song ” If Jesus was your neighbor ” The cd gave him confidence that his Rock & Soul Christian Journey had people who felt his vibes.

He had a Christian Funk Rock Hip hop band called Spin Circus and they played secular venues all around Chicago with his Christian based lyrics and he played bass and was lead singer with his Mc Rapper.

In 2018 he began thinking about doing the Funky Christians as a solo project. he was playing in different bands and at his Church as he kept thinking about really opening his heart and soul open in Funky Christians. 

So on 2020 it grew into a full mission with the Song the music lyrics and the video to really expose my journey.  This song has his life legacy and he didn’t plan it that way. But his whole life of being a Songwriter he  always write it the way God gives it to him.  And sometimes he get the first box of tissues because he honest in his writing . Its who he his.

This song has snap shots of him losing both parents one day apart when he was 20yrs old. it was unexpected with no warning. he still deal with this his whole life.

He also was blessed with his baby boy that God gave a special needs kiss that gave his life, new life and a extra perception of love and life.  And his awesome 3 gran kids his son only 10 yrs old than his oldest gran kid.

This song is Powerful Sonically because music without lyrics cannot be labeled.  So he came up Sonically digging James Brown Jimi Hendrix Prince Audioslave and everything in between. he never heard of Christian Rock until 96 when he heard Dc Talk for the first time and then a few weeks later he would meet them. To him.. it was all music. Until you put lyrics too it ..

He thanks God for his journey and his music journey along with the lyrics He allows him to add. So wherever this song is played it speaks to Christian and Secular listers. 

His lyrics are who he is. he also write for October Brigade.  And his lyrics tell the same story even though its a secular project. 

He is thankful people are receiving the story..

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