GoodNews Vibes 2021 By King David Tobi

David Olorunosebi, popularly known as King David Tobi, is an Afro Gospel, Hip-Hop artist who hails from Lagos, Nigeria. In his catalog, are four Albums; A NEW DAWN, JESUS IN THE STREETS, KING OF AFRO GOSPEL, GOODNEWS VIBES 2021.

It has been a Merrily Christmas. 2020 had been a year we thought we would not survive or scale through the virus that caught us in between, COVID19. Who would have thought we would be here right now? Still, blossoming and waiting for what the future holds?. 

Now, it’s a new year, and I hope we will keep flourishing in the midst of what the year 2021 has to offer to us. Here, I forwardly present my honest struggle, which I made into an album, special to my heart. I sang about Africa; what is currently going on and how much time and every day Jesus saves the day for me. My year wouldn’t be complete without Jesus.

The life of being myself, have been a thrilling adventure. I love how everything had been moving, my life and all. I have been able to see how the reality of gospel music. How it’s more than just an organised religion but encompasses a lifestyle for myself. I pour out myself and how the struggle had been, while looking up to God, through Jesus.

Not to mention that through a collaborative effort with jlyricz, everything has proved how I see and mirror the world and I feel blessed to be alive and above all struggles here. 

Goodnews Vibes 2021 was released 3rd January 2021

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