Butterflies By Point5

Point5 is far from the average artist…He doesn’t look like the rap artists that you may find on the front page of VIBE or THE SOURCE magazine. He looks nothing like the flashy, urban artists that you will find reciting lyrics on BET or MTV. And his sound is nowhere near predictable. Instead of making music about the latest dance move or life in the hood, Point5 brings a powerful and inspirational feel to the rap scene. His lyrics motivate people to strive for greatness and live a PURE lifestyle. From the moment that you see Point5 you will have no clue what to expect, but after you witness this awesome display of musicianship and passion you will be changed forever! Point5 presents a Purely Christian message that anybody, religious or not, can relate to and respect. And simply put, The kid has serious skill…punchline, metaphors, a rediculous vocabulary, and a bold delivery make Point5 one of the most captivating artists in the industry!

Butterflies was released December 4th 2020

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