Yahweh By Anthony Kani

Gospel Minister and Teens coach, Anthony Kani has released a new single with a live recorded music video titled:  “Yahweh”

“Yahweh” is built out of the word “I Am.” The name God asked Moses to introduce Him by in Egypt because He was about to make a statement of power in the land.

The name has a couple of connotations, but for the sake of this song we will zero in on one of them, which is the fact that God is absolute reality. There is no reality before him. There is no reality outside of him unless He wills it and makes it. All things exist by Him and there is nothing He cannot do or undo.

When we call Him “Yahweh” we are declaring that He is a God of endless possibilities.

I trust that this sound will usher many into tangible miraculous experiences even as the year 2020 gradually comes to an end.

Yahweh was released 10th December 2020

You can check it out on YouTube Here…

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