Black and Beautiful By J.Walker of (TLD)

So over the summer, some people started to feel that there were systematic systems and ideologies in place that were negatively affecting minority communities. Others feel like the colonized have become the colonizers, having way too much power, and just need to shut up and stop moaning. I
think it’s time to open the Bible…

Revelations 7:9 gives us an image of a great crowd made
up of every nation, tribe, people and language standing in
front of God’s throne. That whole image as felt a million
miles away at certain points this summer as we’ve often
been so far apart while at the same time being so
We continue to feed ourselves the news that we want to
know and surround ourselves with the opinions we want
to have. Social media has often been a place where we
allow our worlds to collide after all of that and the results
can often be devastating.
The song ‘Black and Beautiful’ has the simple idea of
wondering whether we can humbly find beauty in
ourselves regardless of what other people may think of us
creatures made in the image of God.

Black and Beautiful was released 23th October 2020

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