Dance In The Holy Ghost By Josh

Joshua Agbokemey with the stage name Josh releases his first song which has got a lot of people jamming to it. 

The song is a testimony. The song describes the challenges that Josh went through when he was about entering the University.The song stands for the struggles he faced when he was about  paying his admission fees in the University. He wasn’t having the complete admission fee but he  went with faith  and was relying on God. When he got to the  premises, he was told they could not take half of the fees because he is a regular student so Josh had no choice than to go home, but God turned his situation around and showed him favor. So I’m (Josh) telling the whole world that, no matter the challenges, the circumstances, the hardship you find yourself in today, God will take you out and you will dance and rejoice in the Holy Ghost. God brought me out of shame and now I’m dancing in the Holy Ghost. He has made me who I am today and I’m so grateful .

Josh is currently in his second at KNUST.

Dance In The Holy Ghost was released 29th August 2020

You can download your copy one the link here…

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