Halleluyah By Judith Uche

An Abuja based gospel minister Judith Uche is out with the long awaited single titled Halleluyah

The song Halleluyah came to me while I was cooking and worshiping God in the kitchen in May 2018, I sang it with tears running down my chins then in October 5months later I lost my husband and the holy spirit said to me (I gave you this song for this reason it will strengthen and comfort you).

So where ever you are listening to this song I want you to know that this song will lift your spirit and remind you that whatever happens in life God is always there to see you through when you call him and out Halleluyah belongs him. God bless you.

This amazing song Halleluyah was produced by Sunny Pee

Halleluyah was released 24th August 2020

You can download your copy on the link below…

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