On God By Prker

PRKER is a Christian Rap Artist rising from the streets of Baton Rouge with straight truth, creative, crafty, and attention-grabbing lyrics that will challenge and captivate the listeners.

Baton Rouge, LA – One thing can be said about the CHH genre as a whole is that It has evolved! What is also true is that Rapture Ready Productions artist Prker has evolved right along with it. From to start to finish, Prker’s new single will have you rocking to the beat and hitting repeat to jam again.

The instrumentation of “On God” is a new direction for Prker musically. 

Prker is well known for his lyricism over original hip hop style tracks, but “On God” has a new age sound that shows Prker can step out of his comfort zone. “On God’ also shows how versatile Prker can be with his cadence and delivery to keep the listener engaged and attentive.

“Everything is subject to God so I place everything in my life in God’s hands. He has the last say so” stated Prker.

On God was released 4th August 2020

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