Realms Of Glory By Jennifer Cruz

Jennifer Cruz is a  multiple award winning recording artist with several songs acclaimed to her. Songs like ”Light of the world”  which was recently released few months ago and still trending internationally,” I Love you back”  beautiful worship song  expressing love and praise  to Our Lord Jesus for his  sacrifice on the cross. ”In his presence” is another to name a few.

Jennifer  just released another  Fantastic Single  REALMS OF GLORY. A song of worship  and Rendition to God bringing people into God’s awesome presence to Encounter his greatness his omnipresence, his power and much more. The presence of God is where we can access his glory and blessing. 

This song is inspired by the hunger for more of God’s Kingdom in the lives of believers, bearing fruits and manifestation  of signs and wonders for the  King of Kings in these end times 

As you listen and share this Anionted song the lord begin to do wonders and bless us exceedingly in Jesus name amen. 

Realms Of Glory was released 5th July 2020

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