God Of Wonders By Merci Ojone

Merci Ojone is a Nigerian born upcoming gospel artiste with a burning passion and desire for God and enforcing his kingdom here on earth. She is known for her energetic vocal power as well as charisma. 

She has worked as back-up vocalist with several artistes like P. V Idemudia. Joey Dickson and a couple of other trending gospel artistes within the city of Abuja. Her debut single “God of wonders “reflects the wonderful nature of God’s  personality.

She’s currently part of the worship team at Global flame ministry and the Bridge is simple church in FCT Abuja. 

The song “God of Wonders “was  given to her on the 17/4/2017. It was on a easter sunday/monday.

She had returned from a program where she ministered that Sunday and she felt the power of God in an unusual way. She came home and slept in that atmosphere and at about 4am in the morning, she felt an Angel of God walked into her room with the song playing in her ears and he said to her, woman! Wake up and sing this song. She hesitated cos she was really tired and sleepy so she asked him to let her sleep that she get the song later but he kept playing the song in her ears until she woke up and started singing the song. she couldn’t sleep back till daybreak. 

The next day, she was in church at Global flame ministry (their services holds on Tuesdays but now Thursdays) and her pastor said, Mercy! The lord said I should release you so she walked up to him on the alter and knelt down. And he said to her, God said to tell you that he will make you a wonder to your generation. So, for her, the song came as a prophesy of God. And so it shall be to as many that listens to it.

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