Influencer By Emma Grant

Emma Grant grew up singing from a young age, but didn’t pursue it fully until She went to music college at the age of 23!  It was then that she began to learn to play the guitar and wrote her first song, which made it on to the college end of year album.  She began to gig around Coventry and the Midlands, both as a solo artist and as part of a college band.  She later joined Jazz Funk band ‘One Nation’ and performed and co-wrote with them for a few years until she moved away.

There was a huge gap while she got married and had three kids and started an Eden Team with her husband back in her home city of Liverpool…but now she is back!  Ready with a new ten track album and excited to be doing music again.

The album is an amalgamation of lots of my musical influences. It has been inspired, partly by life over the last 6 years back in Liverpool running an Eden team and partly by life generally and events going on in the world. It is a take on different situations, from the point of view of a Christian. She a lyrics person. She love songs that tell a story and speak to the heart and she hopes she been able to achieve that with some of her songs. 

Influencer was released 1st July 2020

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