Ah Go Gih Yuh By Sterling Roberts (Ft. Farenite)

If you were to ask this Trinidad-born Singer, Songwriter, Husband, Background Vocalist, Worship leader, Spoken Word & Upcoming Recording Artiste about his credentials,

Sterling Roberts would tell You he’s eternally grateful, but not satisfied by his abilities neither by mere earthly accolades.

..with a testimony of being healed from a deteriorating heart condition at 8 years old & many other miraculous rescues,

Sterling’s desire in & through his ‘edgy, intense-intimate’ sound, is beyond the natural.

His aim is to be a bridge; a divine pathway used to transport The Same Supernatural Love that invaded His life when he was in a desolate place… and brought redemption!

“AH GO GIH YUH!” (i.e, West Indian dialect which means, ‘I Will Give You!’) is a Caribbean Dancehall Anthem in song, where the beat hits just as hard as the very strong & confrontational message!

Ah Go Gih Yuh was released September 2019

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