Defender By Amongst Wolves

Manchester, UK based band Amongst Wolves release their latest single ‘Defender’. Formed in 2016, Amongst Wolves is comprised of Mark Wakefifield (Guitar), Clarissa Stockton (Bass), Andy Wells (Drums) and their new singer Dan Jenkins who already impressed with their last single ‘Golden’. Defender is the follow up single from their last release which saw the band embrace a difffferent sound.

With this new release they continue to explore deeper into a broader and more varied pop-rock sound. With stunning production, impressive vocal runs and a powerful chorus filled with energy, this is a song that demands multiple plays. They are however still keen to share the same heart and passion that they’ve always had, engaging with all young people and bringing with them a message of hope, particularly to those who feel on the edge of society. This can be seen throughout this song which draws its inspiration from Psalm 61 and allows them to boldly talk about their Christian Faith.

Defender was released 5th June 2020

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