The Introduction By Cario Young

Cario Young, is a Jamaican Recording artiste who is described by many as “an artiste for this time”. Cario Young, known for his captivating vocal abilities, started singing at a very young age having lead roles in his high school choir and  church in the children’s, youth and adult choirs.

Cario Young’s ability to write songs came naturally, when at age ten(10) he wrote his first song; “Whenever You Trodd” (a gospel song, as he grew up singing in church). Cario Young has written over eighty (80) songs, keeping true to the values instilled in him by his parents, the church and the harsh reality of his past. His songs are aimed at upliftment in every aspect of life.

Describing his music as “Life Changing”, Cario Young says “I have always known my place in music was well polished and waiting for me”. Cario Young grew up in the little town of Hector’s River in the parish of Portland, he grew up on strong Christian principles,  his brothers and sisters can attest; going to church was like his second skin. This fact explains the never ending floods of conscious lines and thoughts no matter the tempo of his tracks. Cario Young says his positivity is what keeps him on a daily basis, “I don’t just write positive lyrics, I live them. I don’t sing or write about things that I will not do just because it is ‘in’ or because I can. Music is very powerful which means a musician has special powers. A fool with power is still a fool and will lead people astray.” This he says is his mantra; to use this power to effect a positive change.

He graduated with a Bsc. Hon. in Human Resource Management from the University of the West Indies and is currently pursuing a master’s degree. In the latter part of 2013 he released two songs which propelled him further towards achieving his goals as an Artiste; Life Affi Go On, produced by American based record label Upsetta Records which received rave reviews internationally and Fear No Evil produced locally by Jay-Crazie Records. He describes both songs as reality and outlines that aspects of both are from his experiences and admits “I still listen to them for encouragement”. With that established, Cario Young is set to take this year and beyond by the horn. He released a collaborative effort with international Billboard producer Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris; Making It Known and Same Way on the Channel 17 Records label. Under his Ekoz Records label he has so far released: Converts Cry, Protect the Children, Break the Cycle and Increase My Faith.

Cario Young is also Founder of the United Firefighter’s Foundation and Co-Founder of a budding “Purpose Driven Youth”. These non- profit organizations have assisted several children, young adults and entire families with Mentorship Programs as well as Financial and other forms of support.

About the song “The Introduction”

My personal experiences are my tool in expressing God’s awesomeness. You name the struggle, I may have encountered it. But I am assured of God’s beauty and anointing with the peace that comes when you are confident in who he is and what God can do for you and by extension your situation.

The Introduction is a song about having peace in the midst of the storms of life. It’s about recognizing the source of authentic peace which is God and how a shift in perspective in this regard can immensely positively affect the life of anybody that chooses to listen. The vibrant backing instrumentals and piercing background vocals sets the mood for the message which is intended to pierce and find roots in the hearts of God’s People.

The Introduction was released 8th May 2020

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