Dancing Shoe By King David Tobi

King David Tobi, Born in Lagos Nigeria, David grew up listening to diverse styles of music, from Gospel Queens Mary Mary to Nigeria’s Praise Machine Sammie Okposo. He now defines his sound as “New Gospel Wave” which sees him harnessing his song writing and delivery on Possibility, Hope, Love and Mindset of Can Do Mentality to His Listeners . A very versatile artiste, he seeks to take his listeners on many a journey through his spirit filled vibes with every song and every lyric. His music is filled with so much testimonies his listeners are Blessed and most times are healed.

Since the world was bedeviled by the novel virus from Wuhan, China, our activities have been rescheduled and it has reinforced various norms in our society. Many people had adjusted their mode of lives to fit into the survival food chain. Ranging from cancellation of weddings, special events, rescheduling of our various activities, etc. As a musician, we have also been affected greatly and our work routines have been remolded to fit what is expected of society. 

He was afraid he would never release this song due to how the future looked bleak with each passing day, but with God, all things were made possible. He had been faithful and gave him the strength to handle this project. It’s such a personal project that meanders deep into his heart. he is glad he brought it into life to bless the soul of everyone that will listen to it.

Dancing Shoes was released 20th May 2020

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