Sing A Song With No Words By Johan Glidden

Johan Glidden is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Arizona. He was a founding member of Sugar & The Mint, the youngest band ever to win the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest (2017).  Now, as a solo artist, he is working to glorify God with songs that uplift and share his personal experience with Christ. 

“Sing a new song, sing an old song, sing a song with no words!”

“I’ve always known that the psalms were written to be sung. Still, I usually read them in silence, missing the rhythm, missing the music. No more! 

Writing and recording this song has been an exercise in joy. 

Abandoning my impulse to write another heavy song, I dug into the most lovely aspects of God’s character. I ended up with a fun song in spite of myself.  Even in the most unsettling times, our Father has joy to spare.” 

“Sing a Song With No Words” is the first of a batch of new singles, with an album expected in early 2021.

Sing A Song With No Words was released May 2020

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