Keep Singing By Mark Tedder

Mark has been making music most of his life. From those early years in Arkansas in the southern United States as a 5 year old, banging on the drums, music has always played an important role for him.

Looking back in the rear view mirror, Mark and his wife, Carrie have been planet-hopping most of their lives from the age of 20. They started an international worship-equipping mission called Worshiplanet, which saw them, travel to over 40 nations training worship leaders and worship teams. They’ve lived in the UK, Russia, Czech Republic and China.

Their music has opened doors for them in North Korea, Tibet, Mongolia and throughout Northern Africa, Asia and the European Continent. Mark & Carrie have two sons and 7 grandchildren. These days they grow coffee on their farm on the Big Island of Hawaii and continue to write songs and travel the world.

Inspired by the Psalms of the Bible and the Country Music he grew up with, Mark has recorded a collection of songs entitled ‘Psalms, Sonnets and Meditations’. ‘Keep Singing’ is the fifth and final single release before the album drops on June 5th.

When’s the last time you did a wild dance or sang at the top of your lungs? Praise! It’s something that we need to do more of. It’s about remembering where we’ve come from and being grateful in the now. We tend to remember all the bad that happens in our lives.

It often feels like a tennis match –winning –losing –winning again. As a kid in church I remember that old praise song we used to sing, “O For a Thousand Tongues To Sing”. There’s a line in there that says, ‘He breaks the power of cancelled sin and sets the prisoner free.’ That is the reason for praise. So, do a wild dance, sing out at the top of your lungs, or simply get on your knees and be grateful for that power that setsus all free!

Keep Singing was released 1st May 2020

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