Light Of The World By Jennifer Cruz

Jennifer Cruz is a talented  gospel artists with a desire to spread the word of God through her songs and ministry to the ends of the earth.

She just released this new Single titled LIGHT OF THE WORLD a confessional and spirit filled song to bring down the presence of God.

According to what the word of God says we are instruments in Gods hands in the proliferation of his word here on earth we all are part of this great commission,fulfilling my own quota is so important .That’s the place where this new single is birth ,expanding the kingdom of God through the in filling of the Holy Spirit.

Light of the world is an anointed confessional song for our generation giving people the opportunity to confess Jesus who is the light of the world to fill them to overflowing to be more like him.

In this song given to me by the holy spirit to bring more people into Gods presence and his kingdom the power of God is made manifest in Jesus name amen. 

Light Of The World was released 25th April 2020

You can check it out here on Youtube…

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