Is He Worth It? By Erskin

The Nashville-based and Texas-born talent known as Erskin Anavitarte is an artist of many passions. He is a Singer-Songwriter, Diversity Spokesman, Adoption Advocate, and music Co-Producer. He connects with people through his energetic personality, musical artistry and lyrical truth. Whether across the country or around the world, Erskin’s focus is to strengthen ministries, engage the culture and create impactful art.

He has recently finished recording his sixth album entitled Love Moves, which features the popular anthems Grace Made the First Move and Only Love. With culturally relevant singles such as Black and White and the song Life Matters, Erskin tackles long-standing issues of race and religion in his artistry. Discover his music on Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, and ReverbNation. 

Erskin currently resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife Kelli and their two children. Their heart for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children has led Erskin to become an advocate for the non-profit organization Holt International.

Is He Worth It? is based upon the life and ministry of Nik & Ruth Ripken. Their book and subsequent movie, The Insanity of God show only a small glimpse into their life of traveling to the hard places and meeting those believers that have truly answered the question. The song was written by Erskin, Nik, Laura Allen, and Matt Papa.

Is He Worth It? was released April 2020

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