Golden By Amongst Wolves

Manchester, UK based band Amongst Wolves release their latest single ‘Golden’. Formed in 2016, Amongst Wolves is comprised of Mark Wakefield (Guitar), Clarissa Stockton (Bass), Andy Wells (Drums) and their new singer Dan Jenkins to complete the band line-up.

With this new release they officially mark their move away from the pop-punk sound to a more pop-rock sound. With catchy pop melodies, virtuosic vocals and energetic guitars driving the music forward, this single will be staying in your head for days!

They are however still keen to share the same heart and passion that they’ve always had, engaging with all young people and particularly those who feel on the edge of society. This can be seen in their lyrics such as “when I’m lonely you remind me I’m home”, which continues to express a message of hope that they find through their Christian faith.

Golden was released 24th April 2020

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