The Saviour By The Migrators

Rob Setti and Ana Vukovojac are the directors, as well as the creative force of Shaking Foundations, a production company for music,film, live events and multimedia that focuses on the spiritual dimension of our lives and how it interacts with the world in which we live.

With “The Saviour ” by The Migrators, we intend to bring to the public one of the most important and controversial stories of all times: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is the story of the last three days in the life and death of Jesus and his resurrection, transposed realistically and dramatically in our times. The lyrics are based on the last 3 chapters of the Gospel of Mark and some Old Testament books.

The studio Concept Album in Alternative Rock style music,tells the story through 19 songs and instrumentals that blend naturally into the specific and dramatically rich genre of Rock Opera.

The idea that motivated Rob and Ana to enter such challenging venture was the understanding of the need for a new Jesus Christ Superstar.

“It is now, it is our world. 21st century. We hear that it is a free world, but it doesn’t seem to be so for millions of people… Why so many contradictions and what about happiness, love? The big kingdoms have fallen, the big revolutions have failed, yet people are still craving for a kingdom, still hoping in a new revolution. Oppression, abuse, destruction, infidelity, lies – they have never left this world.

So, what kingdom, what revolution is still to come to change, cancel these things? Is there something else to be done – if politics, if state, cannot find the reply, can maybe culture try? In this world, which is ours, what could possibly a stage-play, a multimedia theater show do to bring a change? What kind of voice, what role could it have in a nation’s/nations’ life? A group of people from different nations gathered around a story, working on to bring it alive in its settings, art, music and performance in front of people.

Those people, us, have already seen and heard so much… What kind of impact may this artistic enterprise have at all? Somehow, this group of people know that it may happen… It is the story of The Saviour itself that gives assurance, makes a difference. It is a story that has never grown old and yet it has lived through hundreds of generations. It seems though, that it has never been seen, heard and thought of enough. We believe that our world needs this story, that now is the right time for this voice to break out, echoing over the nations, purely new and challenging.”

It took two years to complete the album, with the vision to stage it as a multimedia Rock Opera. The music came by itself as we didn’t follow any guidelines in terms of style.

The big work was to adapt the passages from the Scriptures into the the new lyrics so that a consistent story set it in our timesm,could be written withouth changing the scriptures. Joern Heitman the director of several Rammstein’s music videos showed interest in the project and Rob and Ana entered in cooperation with him and started working together to stage the show in Berlin.

Unfortunately after two years of work and great developments the cooperation didn’t work anymore and the project ended. The album was recorded in 2009 and was never released. We have been honoured to have the chance to bring it to the public for Easter time 2020. The reason why we decided to release the album was basically due to the fact that this year for the first time, Easter celebrations have been cancelled, so we felt compelled to keep on spreading the Good News and The Saviour perfectly responded to our intention.

The Saviour was was released 7th April 2020

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