The Name of Jesus By Lisa Praize

Lisa Praize is a British gospel, singer/song writer. Lisa Praize prides herself in having a multi-cultural background but most especially she prides herself in being a born again Christian. Growing up and spending virtually all of her life in London and being of African descent, Lisa Praize is greatly influence by UK music as well as many American artists such as Whitney Houston, Miarah Carey, Beyonce and also the current popular afro-pop music. You will hear a fusion of these cultures in some of her songs.

The Name of Jesus is a song about the resurrection power in the name of our Lord Jesus.

This song is derived from Lisa’s personal experience with Jesus, an experience that started with a revelation from the Holy Spirit that the reason her decrees and declarations were not manifesting was that she was not using the name of Jesus. Lisa quickly realised that the secret to changing her situation and bringing into the manifestation the words that she spoke into her own life was simply the name of JESUS! 

Small change, major difference, wow. Her life has never been the same ever since, praise be unto God.

Name Of Jesus was released April 2020

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