Interview With Eric Reverence

Here I present Eric Reverence Interview with RCM which he kindly answered our questions so we can get to know him a little better.

Q: For those who don’t know you, who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

A: I am Eric Reverence, married with two children and based at Hayes, Kent. I am a worship leader, songwriter, evangelist, youth mentor and an event organiser. I was born in Accra, Ghana but moved to the Canada when I was 12 and to the UK when I was 14 years old.

Q:how old was you when you gave your life to Christ?

A: I was brought up as a Christian from when I was born but I got to personally know Christ as my Lord and saviour when I was 14 at a youth camp in Peterborough. 

Q: What first got you into music?

A: I come from a musical family and I was involved from day one. I started playing drums and then thought myself basic keyboard. My mum was a choir leader at a Methodist church and she got me involved in the choir and this is where I developed my singing and songwriting skills. 

Q: how many singles or albums do you have to your name?

A: I have released four singles and two EPs to date and now working on my album. 

Q: You have not long ago released your new single “More”, can you tell us a little about it?

A: What inspired me to write the song?

There are times when i have gone my way to do things on my own strength and didn’t seek God about it first. And each time i did this, it either didn’t go well or i failed and i became more frustrated. I learnt to realise that as much as we love God and believe in him, if we don’t surrender our lives and evertyhing totally to him, he will not be able to guide us and lead us to the wonderful plans that he has for us and the wonderful things that he has in place for us. 

The scripture that inspired me was Proverbs 3;5 (“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” means placing our heart at the Lord’s feet. The more i begun to trust God, laid everything to him and worshiped him even when times were tough, i experienced the move of God in my life in such a powerful way and i had a sense of security in my life know that he was in full control. I am now more relaxed about things i do because i take it to God and i wait for him to direct my path.

This worship song is also an intimate conversation with God and it brings you back to basics about fully submitting and surrendering everything to God. It takes you to a journey of living a life of ultimate worship to God and trusting him fully with our hearts. The more you lay everything we do at God’s feet, you will live a life of fulfillment. 

Q: If You can collaborate with anyone who would you like to work with on a project?

A: Oh yes absolutely, there are quite a few.

Elevation Worship, Donnie McKlurkin, Steffany Gretzinger, J Ross Hillsong, Tasha Cobbs, Prospa Ochimana, Noel Robinson, Joe Mettle.

Q: What has been the best performance of your career so far?

A: I would say this would have to be at my Charity Tour in Ghana at Calvary Charismatic Church and Spontaneous Worship event at Stoke-on-trent. 

Q: What the hardest thing you have Faced being a worship Singer?

A: Being betrayed by close friends who were in the same industry. It was very very painful because these were people I trusted but they had different agendas against me. I have forgiven and moved on though

Q: If someone wanted to be a artist which bit of advice would you give them?

A: On a personal and spiritual level, be true to yourself and find your own identity that Christ made you. It is very important to stay through to yourself and don’t try to be somebody that you are not. Stick to the agenda and mandate that God has given you, honour it and do it well and he will elevate you in his time.

On professional level, practice your craft and operate in excellence. Learn about the industry as and this will help you a lot. Do songs that are relevant and ones that all or most can relate to it. Make your presence felt and this can be done through PR and Marketing. One of the most important advice to give is to save money and do things professionally/industry standard, do not cut corners 

Q: Is there anything we need to watch out for this year? New music, events?

A: I am really excited for this year and I am really looking forward to it and so should you too

Watch out for two new singles coming out from my album, music videos and then the main album and launch. Really excited.

Q: where can people connect with you and keep up to date with your ministry?

A: You can connect with me on my social media (Facebook and Instagram) @ericreverence You can also get more information from my website

Q: I love to ask to finish, can you tell us something unique about you that people don’t know? This can be as simple as something you love or dislike.

A: Hmmm, this is so embarrassing. I entered into a Mr and Miss Ghana UK competition some years back and I came third place. No one knows about this as I didn’t broadcast/publicised it and only my close family knew about this. I also did modelling for London Fashion, Gosh I feel so embarrassed 🙈,  well, these were back in the days

Well I guess those reading this knows it now.