Samagona By Massin

Massin is a gospel minister who lives in Lusaka, Zambia – a student pursing an accounting career. Massin grew up in the church of S.D.A but it’s amazing that he does gospel Rap/R&B. Massin’s review on Music is that his life in the church was just attending class without understanding what teachers teach. ‘A Passenger’ as others may call it.

From 2004 till 2008, it was just a life of entertaining the fresh for Massin, but in 2009, God’s grace was poured upon him, and his family members. This was a year which reviewed the greatness of God on his life. Massin began experiencing the life of a Christian.

In the same year, he got baptized, that was in April and had a stronger passion for the Kingdom. The music part was not yet discovered but through reading and reading of the word, scriptures like Jeremiah 1vs5, reviewed to him the life considered for a believer – finishing of the work Jesus left.

Massin made it an everyday routine of studying of the word and all the understanding needed at that particular time was taking note off. Hence begun to discover the gifts he has.

Life became awesome to him in His time of High school he was a scripture union chairperson where he even did more of the work, preaching, sharing, etc. Massin was the first in history to introduce rap/R&B music at his high school, even when he left, the seed still continued to grow.

Samagona talks about God never slumber for our care. In this Massin added up some Swahili the song Samagona has a dancehall fusion with powerful lyrics. A song of victory chasing away all worries and negativity that come our way.

The book psalms 121:1-4. Be blessed with the song and be strengthened even in this time that the world is facing a lot of things, the lord is still healing lives and performing miracles. 

Samagona was released 9th April 2020

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