Be Like You By Iyah Lion

Iyah Lion, born Lascelles Stoddart to parents, Carmelita Porter and Leroy Stoddart on May 20th, 1969 in Dumfries, St. Thomas, Jamaica. Lascelles Stoddart is the first child for his father and sixth for his mother of ten siblings. It was at the age of seventeen that Iyah Lion discovered the unique gift of singing within the sound of his voice. Hence, pursuing his passion for music. Growing up through his teenage to adolescent years between the parishes of St. Thomas, Portland and St. Catherine. His musical influences were Bob Marley and Capleton. However, since his belief and acceptance of the gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he accredits the Holy Spirit to be his greatest influence. 

Through salvation, Iyah Lion has being a follower of Christ for over two years. After, his renewal and transformation from being a devote Rastafarian to being a Anointed Minister of the Gospel. Iyah Lion’s enthusiasm for Ministry is one which seeks to inspire, motivate and to deliver the afflicted. Minister Iyah Lion’s musical journey has been for thirty years of pursuing a career in the secular music industry. Iyah Lion credits his Ministry of Music paying homage to the prophetic teachings and guidance of his spiritual leaders, Pastor Hector Wynter, Apostle Jennifer Wynter, Prophet Hector Wynter Jnr of Covenant of God Ministries International. Presently, under the Spiritual Mentorship of Pastor Richard Sylver & Missionary Melissa Sylver of the Morant Bay Evangelistic Center, Jamaica Association.

Minister Iyah Lion is currently based in St. Thomas, Jamaica. His most notable events of performance and ministry has been at “Genesis”, “Heaven & Earth”, “JUTC Praise in the Park”, “Fyah Praise”, “Total Praise” and “The St. Thomas Jerk Festival”. Minister Iyah Lion presently has five singles out, “Bless My Soul”, “Feel The Vibes”, “Run To Him”, “Always There” and “Leggo Dem”. These singles have been getting great reviews, support and steady rotation on radio locally and internationally. Namely in Jamaica, Bahamas, Holland, Trinidad, Kenya, United States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Kenya and St. Kitts & Nevis.

“BE LIKE YOU” is Minister Iyah Lion’s aspiration to live by Romans 12:2, ” And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect”. To Be like Christ, should be the exploratory standard & marker by which every believer should aim to live by. As Jesus Christ has asked us in being disciples of Him to be imitators/followers of Him.

Be Like You was released 28th March 2020

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