Your Will Be Done By Kat Mills

Kat Mills is a singer songwriter and worship leader from Surrey, United Kingdom. She grew up with a classical music background.  Always passionate about singing, Kat was classically trained and has developed her repertoire to include singing musical theatre, pop and jazz. Writing comes as second nature – something that she does to work through life’s situations.

She spent 5 terms conducting a local community choir called ‘Inspire’, and gigs with her husband, Ali, singing a range of well-known music, her own songs and sharing her testimony and faith. She also performs with backing tracks for some of her recorded songs.

She and her husband have also led some training worship workshops for worship teams, as well as leading worship at different churches and events like alpha suppers, church fundraisers and outreach events. She has also used her music in community support groups, song writing and worship workshops.

She loves encouraging new talent, especially budding songwriters and authors. Kat Mills Ministries was set up in 2015 to help new artists get a chance to record, have music lessons and training to develop skills and generally encourage others and provide opportunities. She mentors several young women, spending time helping them discover their strengths and investing in them. She offers vocal tuition and is currently working with musicians, songwriters, stand-up comedians, worship leaders and people who just want to sing for joy.

Her heart is to share openly and vulnerably her story and her faith through music.

Kat released her debut album ‘Out of the Ashes’ in May 2015 which comprises eight songs combining congregational worship and songs that encourage people in their walk with God.

Her second album ‘Voice of truth’ was released in June 2016.  This is a contemporary Christian album with eleven songs looking at speaking truth into our lives.

She has just released her 3rd album ‘Work in Progress’ – a mainstream album sharing a vulnerable journey through being misunderstood, lost in translation and coming to terms with and embracing being autistic, she also released her first book which is the stories behind the songs. She has recently been interviewed on UCB Radio and Premier Christian Radio. Three of her songs from this album feature on the current Cross Rhythms playlist and Tony Cummings rated the album 9/10.  Not made wrong is on the UCB 1 playlist.

Kat writes a regular blog for her website and has been writing monthly blogs for Cross Rhythms since January 2017. 

She recently finished 18 months as a student on 10,000 Fathers Worship School with Aaron Keyes.

She released two singles through Home Grown Worship last year.  ‘God my refuge’ is on the UCB 2 playlist, and ‘I’m grateful’ is on the UCB Ireland, and Premier radio playlist.  She has another 3 singles being released in 2020 with Home Grown Worship.

Have you ever heard the Lord’s prayer being recited at a school assembly? The repetition of the words is often robotic. It was something you knew so well you could just mumble along with everyone else without even thinking about the words you were saying. 

I grew up in a lively church and went on Christian holidays, like Spring Harvest, where I was empowered to pray with passion and authority but for a long time the Lord’s Prayer didn’t fill me with much excitement. It just seemed like a bunch of words you had to say at certain times, it felt aloof and out-dated.

 As I grew in my faith and relationship with God I was brought back to the Lord’s Prayer. Instead of the monotone drone of school, as I started to re-read it, I started to learn more about Jesus – the way he discipled and the way he loved to help people grow, to give them the tools to navigate life and to live to honour God. I started to realise the true beauty and power of this prayer. I don’t think Jesus was giving a formula – “say these magic words and all will be well” – instead he was giving a framework to help prayer be an integral part of life. 

The prayer is a combination of praise, seeking God’s will, asking for provision and asking for forgiveness. It’s about an ongoing journey of reliance on God. The structure of the prayer helps me – someone who struggles with detail and order – to be able to pray in different situations. I was reminded that when we find it hard to pray, this prayer is a great place to begin. 

With my song, I started with the Lord’s Prayer and then started singing in response to the brokenness I had seen. My heart was hurting for those around me who were suffering, I felt helpless but God reminded me of the power of prayer and that when I don’t have the words or know what to pray,  I can seek God’s will and the advance of His kingdom. 

Singing this song helps me in praying for those around me – family, friends, neighbours – and for my country and the wider world. I Seek first that his will is done in my life and then also in everything around me. I hope this song will encourage you, minister to you and equip you in prayer.

Your Will Be Done was released February 2020

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