Some More (IV Depression) By J.Walker of TLD (Ft. Macklyn)

Following the death of his Father in May 2019 J.Walker of (TLD) took a break from recording to compose his thoughts and to find healing. His Father was a Reggae singer and producer named JUNIA Walker and came to prominence in the 1970’s as Reggae became a worldwide sensation. The single is the first release from J.Walker of (TLD) since the life changing event and addresses the depression that can engulf someone following the death of a loved on.

At the time of his Father’s death from a brain hemorrhage J.Walker’s mother was in hospital in intensive care due to chest pains and acid reflux. She was becoming increasingly anxious as her husband who was back and forth between Manchester and London had not responded for days and his phone went straight to voicemail. She demanded that he be reported missing as she knew something was wrong.

Greater Manchester Police investigated the case and found that they had a body that fit the description. The family did not want J.Walker’s mum to know as they felt it could cause her condition to worsen however the rapper didn’t feel comfortable deceiving his mother as she became increasingly agitated and anxious during the following hospital visit. He shared the news, grieved with his mother and was then outcasted by his family.

As usual the instrumental was produced by J.Walker and the haunting backing vocals as well as the piano provide the emotion of the track. The Chorus sung by American Artist ‘Macklyn’ contains the lyrics ‘some days I’m on the ceiling, some days I’m on the floor’ which embodies the up and down nature of the grieving process. Depression is stage 4 of the 5 stages of grief commonly associated with the grieving process made famous by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler.

Some More was released February 2020

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