Tekilikala By Swat 4:24 (Ft. Fortune Spice)

SWAT 4:24 is an all-male gospel quartet known for their diversity in contemporary (reggae, afro, rap) urban music. Founded in 2011, it consists of Tusiime Richard a.k.a TU Rich, Barasa Andrew a.k.a Baroh, Omba Richard a.k.a R.I.L and Kimara Joseph Mukung a.k.a Steve Kim. SWAT 4:24 stands for serve, Worship Abba in Truth, drawn from John 4:24.
SWAT 4:24 was founded by a group of childhood friends attending the same local church in Mutungo, a suburb of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. They were drawn together by their love and passion for music, using every meeting to rhyme on beats. They spent time writing and performing music on popular instrumentals to their local church and friends.

“Tekilikala” is a Luganda (Ugandan dialect) word loosely translated as “It will never dry.” The song was inspired by Isaiah 58:11

Tekilikala was released February 2020

To download your copy, you can on the following link…