Soul-Full PT 6 By J.O.T. aka Grande Gato

J.O.T. aka GRANDE GATO aka JAMES O. TERRY JR. wants to encourage and give both young and old people in the world hope, and let them know that with faith and perseverance the impossible can become possible (J.O.T. knows what he is talking about because he was able to complete a CD album immediately after his Cancer went into remission).

 J.O.T. started writing what GOD had done because he held on to his faith (J.O.T. praised GOD even when he thought he was going to die and believed that is why he was healed just as JOB in the bible was healed because JOB praised GOD too when he thought he was might die).  This soon led J.O.T. to write his testimony in the form of song lyrics and put it to music (As he does with all of his trials and tribulations he has overcome through the power of the LORD).  1996 was the year that J.O.T. turned his life over to Christ and decided he wanted that to reflect in his music.  

That same year J.O.T. officially started up his Christian based company, SOUL-FULL PRODUCTIONS (The reason he spelled the company name with a hyphen in the middle and the letter L twice at the end of the name was to let the world know that his “SOUL” was “FULL” because he displayed the WORD OF GOD through what he did.) With three different subsidiary branches to SOUL-FULL PRODUCTIONS (Clothing line, Literature, and Record label branch) J.O.T. always believed it was important not to get comfortable in the ministry and continue to grind and work hard for CHRIST.  As the first artist to come out on his independent record label, J.O.T. RECORDS, J.O.T. put out ten CD albums, four CD singles, and five 12” vinyl records (entitled NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT Presents…volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,  7, 8).

 J.O.T. also has a music video which was shot on film near the college university, NC STATE, he attended(“PRESS ON”, which it is titled, even aired once on BET Sunday morning gospel music video segment).  Today J.O.T. has been heard on major FM radio stations, SIRIUS satellite radio, and has appeared on major television news stations.

 J.O.T. has performed live in both Miami, Florida (2003 at UMOJA FESTIVAL; 2006 at I/O ENTERTAINMENT LOUNGE; 2014 COAST 2 COAST music showcase hosted by DJ DNA from SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO at the HOLIDAY INN MIAMI BEACH OCEANFRONT location in the FANTASY BALLROOM); MIAMI LIVE NIGHTCLUB for 2017 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND; 2018 overseas in HAVANA, CUBA at the MADRIGAL NIGHTCLUB & also in North Carolina(In 2002 at BENTON CONVENTION CENTER NEW YEAR’S EVE CONCERT hosted by 97.1 FM’s A.C. STOWE, in 2006 at CENTRO CRISTIANO OUTDOOR CONCERT, in 2007 at the Twin City Ribfest, in 2008 at the HISPANIC FESTIVAL “FIESTA”, in 2009 at NC STATE’s “EL SALSABOR” event, in 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019 at the DIXIE CLASSIC FAIRGROUNDS, in 2015 at the POURHOUSE MUSIC HALL in RALEIGH), & in 2019 at BB&T STADIUM for WS DASH / RAYADOS BASEBALL GAME, & in 2019 at ARTISTIKA NIGHTCLUB.  J.O.T. published his first autobiography entitled, ABOUT J.O.T., in 2004.

He talked about everything from the meaning of his music and how he started up his company to his ordeal with cancer.  In 2006 J.O.T. had another book published called BREAKING STEREOTYPES, and promoted the 12″ vinyl various artist project NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT Presents…. volume 4. In 2007 he produced the first online issue of his contemporary Christian SOUL-FULL magazine.   The following year in 2008, J.O.T. put out a double book which he co-authored with his business partner.  The double book contains two front covers (One cover is titled I COULD HAVE GOTTEN REVENGE BUT I DIDN’T and the other cover is titled PEACEMAKER).

 In 2009 J.O.T. has put out a “LIVE” PERFORMANCE DVD and also released a CD album called “PARA GANAR” (“IN ORDER TO WIN”) which features singing by his business partner MS. CRYSTAL.  “PARA GANAR” (“IN ORDER TO WIN”) contains remixes of his previous 2006 CD album “NITROGLYCERIN” and also features entirely new songs as well.  In 2010 J.O.T. released his CD album “ESA QUE PASA”(“THAT’S WHAT’S UP”) which also featured songs from his business partner MS. CRYSTAL.

 Also released in 2010 was the 12″ vinyl NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT project (Volume#5) which featured the original version of his “CANCER RAP” testimony song and tracks like DO THE HOLY GHOST as well.  J.O.T. has performed his cancer testimony song at a celebrity golf weekend gala event in FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, and also performed the cancer testimony song at a stage play about cancer to benefit cancer research.  In 2011 J.O.T. released his eighth CD album “LIMPIAR PALABRAS”(“TO CLEAN WORDS”) which features songs like the SPANISH house music remix of track “LIMPIAR PALABRAS and also an ENGLISH house music track by MS. CRYSTAL titled “SUPASTAR”.  The CD “VERDAD”(“TRUE”), which is the ninth album from J.O.T.‘s indie record label J.O.T. RECORDS and released in 2012, continues to deliver SOUL-FULL sounds with upbeat encouraging songs like “CRISTO(CHRIST)” while expanding into new forms of music genres like reggaeton to deliver the good news.

 Another book, the fourth published for J.O.T. & second published for MS. CRYSTAL, titled PRESS ON(MAKING A WAY OUT OF NO WAY) was also released in 2012.  Previously was the release of “NUEVA MUSICA”(“NEW MUSIC”) for 2013, which has songs like track#1 “GOOD vs EVIL”(remix) which talks of the war between the flesh vs. the HOLY SPIRIT & how praying to GOD to give us the strength to choose good can give us the victory  over the enemy!!!!  

This was shown in J.O.T.’s actions by coming out with “NUEVA MUSICA”(“NEW MUSIC”) because it is the tenth CHRISTIAN RAP CD album for him.  For 2014 was the two of them released a cd album titled “ESTILO(STYLE)”.  The music project, which is also in ENGLISH & SPANISH as well, is available on itunes as a digital download cd album.  It’s highlights feature 2013 remixes to J.O.T.’s “CANCER RAP” testimony song & Spanish song “LIMPIAR PALABRAS”.  Other song highlights include MS. CRYSTAL’s “IF IT AIN’t ONE THING IT’s ANOTHER” & “GOD TALK’s TO ME”, & additional features by her on brand new Spanish tracks by her partner as well.  Physical retail store copies of the cd album “ESTILO(STYLE)” were released in 2015 along with a sixth VINYL RECORD project….both containing the“CANCER RAP” testimony song remix.  

 The following year J.O.T. released the 2016 music project “SOUL-FULL”.  This marked the twelfth cd album for J.O.T. aka GRANDE GATO as a solo artist & the sixth collaboration with wife, MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA.  With hard hitting CHRISTIAN RAP tracks like “EVERYDAY I PRAISE HIM” and CHRISTIAN R&B tracks like the hot dance remix to “GOD TALKS TO ME”, the title of this cd lives up to it’s name making listeners “soul” feel “full” inside.

  In 2017 he put out cd “SOUL-FULL(part 2)” which features a original remix to J.O.T.’s song “SNOWFLAKES, the guitar dancehall driven track “GOD’S LOVE IS SOLID” by MS. CRYSTAL, a new reggaeton remix to track “VERDAD”, a jazz remix to SPANISH song “LIMPIAR PALABRAS”, & club driven track “GLAD TO BE WITH YOU”.  Also in 2018 J.O.T. aka GRANDE GATO put out cd “SOUL-FULL(pt3)” which he & wife MS. CRYSTAL performed songs from in HAVANA, CUBA at the MADRIGAL.

 The album featured brand new track “TENGO MI PASAPORTE” & also a live drums remix to his “CANCER/MS” song.  The follow up cd “SOUL-FULL(pt4)” was released around DECEMBER 2018 & included songs “I LOVE MYSELF” & “I’VE BEEN TRANSFORMED”.  In 2019 “SOUL-FULL (pt5)” was released which featured songs “MR. BIG(HATERS)”, “FUEGO REGGAETON”, “VALLEY”, & “MI VIDA ES BUENA(reggaeton remix)”.

 Just recently in 2020 the cd “SOUL-FULL pt 5” was released which features upbeat anthem “AMEN” featuring his wife MS. CRYSTAL & son POCO PERRO.  Other songs include the hard hitting track “JESUS IS THE REMEDY” & more light hearted dance along cut “GOD GIVES ME JOY”.  In a music market driven by worldly vices this is a testament of what sincerely praying to GOD & choosing CHRIST/CRISTO can do (anything is possible through FAITH)!!!!  To date J.O.T. has put out  SEVENTEEN CD ALBUMS: 1)I WON’T STOP BEING ME; 2)NATURE OF MY BEING; 3)ROCKING THE N.C.; 4)UNDERGROUND RAPROAD; 5)NITROGLYCERIN; 6)PARA GANAR(IN ORDER TO WIN); 7.)ESA QUE PASA(THAT’S WHAT’S UP); 8.)LIMPIAR PALABRAS(TO CLEAN WORDS); 9.)VERDAD(TRUE); 10.)NUEVA MUSICA(NEW MUSIC); 11.) ESTILO(STYLE); 12.)SOUL-FULL; 13.)SOUL-FULL(pt 2); 14.)SOUL-FULL(pt 3); 15.)SOUL-FULL(pt 4); 16.)SOUL-FULL(pt 5) 17.)SOUL-FULL(pt 6)


FIVE BOOKS: ABOUT J.O.T, BREAKING STEREOTYPES, & I COULD HAVE GOTTEN REVENGE BUT I DIDN’T, & PRESS ON(MAKING A WAY OUT OF NO WAY) & I HAVE A STORY TO TELL, NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT.  In addition to music and books J.O.T. has also designed and worn clothing pieces from his upcoming Christian clothing line called SOUL-FULL WEAR.  He also started up the female division of his clothing line, which is called LADY SOUL and continues to design pieces for it with the help of his business partner MS. CRYSTAL.  In 2018 the “SOUL-FULL WEAR” LEATHER SNEAKER line was launched & in 2019 the SOUL-FULL WATCH TIMEPIECES were launched as well!!!!  J.O.T. knows that, through CHRIST, his ministry will encourage people with and without cancer and let them know that focusing on CHRIST will help them with whatever they are going through.  J.O.T. knows because he is a living testimony and so he stays SOUL-FULL.  GOD BLESS or in SPANISH “DIOS TE BENDIGA”!!!!

Soul-Full Pt 6 was released July 2019

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