I Choose You By JDun (Ft. Marcus Selders)

He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up in the city, he was your average kid. In the late 80’s, rap was blowing up and it was everywhere in the culture. Of course he started rapping! At age 17, however, His life changed forever!

He was working on a solo album. The solo album was coming to completion and the local release date was October 31, 2003 (Halloween). He had made about 50 copies that he was going to distribute locally and to radio stations. Afterwards, he was going to meet with a friend of his who had a connection to a record label in town who may have given him a record deal.  It was the night before his release, he was sitting in his bedroom getting his finished CDs packaged up to bring with him to school the next day. All of a sudden, he heard the voice of the Lord. He said, “I have called you to be a Christian rapper.” he felt like time had stopped and he was frozen in the words He spoke to him.  From the training he received in his church, he knew that when God speaks, you listen and accept what He says! he accepted the call and His will for his life.

He made a vow to the Lord that he no longer would use his talents to gain fame or riches.  Instead, he vowed that he would use his talents to go out and reach the lost by preaching His word in simplicity through the written lyrics He would give to him.  His purpose is to be a light of Christ in a dark world, using my music to deliver and comfort people with the message of Jesus Christ!

Baton Rouge, LA – Rapture Ready Productions top-dog, JDun, is dropping his newest single on February 14, 2020. The song, “I Choose You”, features the newest Rapture Ready artist – Marcus Selders.

With JayKnight (Morning Music Movement) lending his engineering talents to give “I Choose You” the final polish, the song is the next installment of what has already been a strong 2020 for Rapture Ready. Coming off of the release of the compilation album ‘New Mecca’, JDun is spreading a message that is certainly needed in the hip hop space.

“We all have a choice to love who we choose and put our faith in who we choose,” explained JDun. “While many place their faith and trust in man, this song is a declaration of what it means and sounds like to put your total faith & trust in Jesus!”

I Choose You was released 14th February 2020

You can purchase it on one of the links below…