Chapter 25: Love Junkies By Paul Payne837

Penyani Paul Phiri better known as Paul Payne837, is a Zambian award winning recording artist, songwriter, motion graphics designer based in Lusaka, Zambia. He is known for for his versatility on multi genres ranging from afro beats to hip hop & dance music etc

“When a lot of people see me they think that i have it all figured out when it’s the opposite. Sometimes i just want to give it all up, it’s a big mess. The songs on this EP are pretty emotional, it was written in a happy &  dark state of my life.

Love Junkies addresses issues people face in relationships (healthy/toxic ones). I have broken a couple of hearts, something i am not proud of, Karma really caught up with me. I decided to share all these experiences on this EP, that being said, Love Junkies is actually a book written by Christy Johnson, the book inspired the EP. ‘Smile’, the first track off the EP was produced/mixed & mastered in Uganda by Fusa (of Amazing Beats), the man behind the mixing/mastering of War, the EP released prior to this one.

It’s a romantic song full of roses & sweet soothing sounds with vocals from Pro Gain, a gifted/talented recording artist from Malawi making the song exceptional and full of love. At some point in my life i lost it all, scars i stil walk with till date. I get traumatized  when i get reminded of the bad i did, especially when i have an encounter with the people whose hearts I’ve broken.

I dive deep into this issue on ‘Good Times’, the second track on the EP, with production from EmmzTouch, a very gifted/talented  Zambian music producer. In this song i put my foot in all the women whose hearts i have broken, alas, i really felt how toxic i was in their lives, the memories that still hunt me. I know a lot of people are going to relate with this one cause there’s a whole lot of toxic relationships out there, with partners ignoring all the red flags for the sake of social media & the fear of being single, resulting to missery for the sake of a ‘relationship’ title.

We’re all suckers for love, a lot of people don’t want to be alone. That’s why so many people jump from one bad relationship to another. Looks can be deceptive  when we meet new people, our perception blinds us to the fact that they also have some baggae.

Spend some time alone,learn to love yourself before you can love the next person. You can’t give what you don’t have, God longs to speak to you about your relationships &  evrything else that concerns you. That’s why it’s so important that you learn to hear his voice. This February on the 7th, the perfect month to share my love journey in Chapter 25: Love Junkies. I’m very nervous & i hope that as you enjoy this masterpiece you turn your L’s into lessons & be official!.”

Love Junkies was released 7th February 2020

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