Mulungu Wamayanko By Young Chi

Young Chi, real name Chipanta Chibwe, born on 27th February 1998 who also explained the meaning of his name Young Chi he said that the Young means him being the last born in a family of two and the name Chi comes from the abbreviation of the first three letters from his first name and last name which both names starts with Chi.

Young Chi, started rapping at an early stage and that passion grew during his days at High School, by then he was into secular mainstream rap.  “’It was in 2018 when God convicted me of how much of a sinner I was, and how much he loves me and he wanted me to know him more, it was a call to repentance and by God’s grace, I answered the call.This was the moment I made a transition from doing meaningless music to start using my music as a tool for sharing the word of God to world through gospel music.

Mulungu Wamayanko means God answers when translated in English, Young Chi said that the reason he gave the title as mulungu wamayanko is looking on how he was praying to God for him to be transformed from doing meaningless things and from being a person of the world to start serving God as his Lord and personal saviour,

Mulungu Wamayanko was released 28th January 2020

You can download your copy here…