I’m In Love By Payton Goldston

From Tucson, Arizona, Payton Goldston has had a passion for music since he was a kid. Born into an extremely musical family, he grew up watching his mother and grandmother sing, but they never traveled far out of state to perform. Payton wanted to honor his family and pursue a career in music, and worked hard during his high school years, singing in the school choir and gospel groups.

He was guided by a Pastor that he met in his teenage years and developed a very strong relationship with the Lord during this time. After many hardships, losing his mother, and battling homelessness, Payton turned his life around and found a way to use his skills for a greater purpose. He became a booking manager for Battleground City, where he could sing during events, and now works as a minister in Arizona trying to spread God’s word.

I’m In Love was released November 2019

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