Never Give Up By 4Fingaz & Aaron S Musik

Mustafa Shiyanbola Known as 4Fingaz was born into a Muslim household. His father is Muslim and his mother a born again Christian. Growing up he remembers both of his parents respecting each other’s religion. His younger sisters and himself would go to the mosque with their father, and the whole family would fast together during Ramadan.

As he grew older and more aware of his surroundings he discovered that his mum read her bible every night. he wanted to find out what this bible was about so he would go into his mum’s room and listen to her read the bible.

He couldn’t tell you exactly what day, the place or when. He decided to pray the way he heard his mum prayed, from then on he would interchange between the two religions depending on how he felt.

When he was 13.5 years old. he fell in love with music, Hip Hop and RnB, he started writing singing and it became a form of escapism.

John 8:12 Jesus said “I am the light of the world whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light”

His search for a relationship with Jesus began. He was born with 3 fingers and 1 thumb on his left hand. This explains the name. God makes no mistakes! He is beautifully and wonderfully made.

Many years passed, he became a Christian that sat on the fence. “I am no where good enough to do God’s work”. There were certain things he couldn’t give up. he would be a hypocrite trying to do God’s work.

Very early on in 2015 a friend of his from church who was on FIRE for God passed on to Glory at just age 30.This really challenged him, he decided that if that’s the case he no longer want to sit on the fence, when he go to glory he want Jesus to welcome him with open arms and say “this is my son in whom I am well pleased” God has done some really amazing things in his life, God is at the centre of everything he does.

 Never Give Up is his personal experience. He has come to realise that in most cases giving up is easy. Giving 100% every day all day and not seeing or experiencing any sort of positive change is difficult. But to still get up every day, to refuse to give up, to believe in your self and continue to have faith. This is courage, this is gangsterism, this is why this song is so personal to himself. Never give up on your dreams, keep working, keep pushing, never give up!

Never Give Up was released January 5th 2020

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