The Pledge By Ansa2 (Ft. Linnea Healey)

Ansa2 (“answer-to”) music is songwriter, producer and church lay-pastor Paul Harding, together with fellow church worship leaders, from Windsor, UK.  Paul, a former club DJ who used to play in secular bands, had his life turned around when he first encountered Christ back in the year 2001, and has been involved with music at his local church ever since.

The Pledge is a powerful and uplifting song of commitment, for the holiday season. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, which often fail as fast as they are started, this track speaks of making heartfelt pledges to God, and calling on His power to help us keep to them, rather than relying on our own strength and willpower. The vamp section calls on “Emmanuel, Emmanuel” to “stay close to me”, which builds to an emotive final chorus.

The Pledge was released December 13th 2019

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