Va De L’Avant (Move Forward) By Pierre Cossa (Ft. Shoggy Tosh)

Pierre Cossa (a French Afro Gospel artiste) releases 2 single tracks, “Va De L’Avant” (which means Move Forward) featuring England based AfroBritish rapper, Shoggy Tosh and “Ta Medaille T’Attend” (your medal is waiting for you).

Va De L’Avant (Move Forward) by Pierre Cossa features England born Shoggy Tosh (originally from Nigeria) and the song is a call to awake the leader embedded in the inside of us, whilst taking control of one’s life in spite of the past and current challenges faced. This collaboration with Shoggy demonstrates Pierre’s ambition to explore new heights and cultures especially with the sweet combo of French, English and Yoruba (Western Nigerian ethnic group) lyrics on the track.

“Ta Medaille T’Attend” (your medal is waiting for you) is a song that spreads a message of encouragement to anyone about to give up. A medal symbolizes victory and this is what is certain for those who rely on God Almighty and Jesus Christ.

Va De L’Avant was released 12th December 2019

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